• Plumbing Flexibility - 2" ports with internal and external threads facilitate fast, easy installation.
  • Fast Cleaning - New quick-lock trap ring, with a permanently lubricated O-ring, permits fast access to strainer basket. See-through lid lets you check for debris without lifting a finger.
  • Top Efficiency - Performs more work than pumps of equal or greater horsepower. Models available &from 1/2 to 3HP.
  • Extremely Quiet - Specially designed base dampens sound and vibration.
  • Heavy Duty - Viton® shaft seal stands up to all chemicals.



  • Holds 50 times more dirt than a sand filter.&
  • Less Cleaning Needed - Gathers and holds more dirt so you clean less often.&
  • Opens Easily - The split tank design allows for convenient access for cleaning or changing filter media.&
  • Designed for Safety - The use of Posi-lok® clamps enables safe, easy access to filter.
  • Durable, Lightweight, and Corrosion Resistant - Dura-Glas® exterior.&
  • Landscape Friendly - Sleek, black tank profile blends well into any landscape design.&
  • Available in Four Sizes - 300, 400, 450, and 500 sq. ft. filter areas.&



  • Rust-Proof Enclosure - Constructed of Dura-Glas®, a sleek, lightweight and rustproof material that withstands heat and the elements. Has a 10 year warranty and smaller dimensions!&
  • Exact Temperature Controls - The weatherproof temperature controls accommodates temperatures for both a pool and a spa running off of the same heater, in Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C).&
  • Energy Efficient - PMG combustion technology improves efficiency and reduces operating costs. also provides faster heat ups. The three sizes available are 83% efficient or higher.&
  • Safety - Internal safety feature sets maximum temperature levels. Full diagnostic lights for troubleshooting problems.&
  • Environment Friendly - Exceeds all air pollution standards. Electronic ignition enables you to never worry about a pilot light blowing out or leaking gas.&
  • Proven Sta-Rite Technology - The Max-E-Therm heater is the newest member in our family of advanced technology pool and spa products.&

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