Question: Where can I find out more about water chemistry?

Answer: Visit for more information.

Question: What line of chemicals do you carry?

Answer: We carry the Guardex line. Visit for a complete listing of chemicals. Please call our office if you would like to purchase Guardex chemicals.

Question: We were thinking of purchasing a solar cover for our pool. Are there any other alternatives?

Answer: Yes, try tropical fish! For more information visit

Question: You are building (or reconstructing) my pool. How can I view tile choices?

Answer: Visit to view the complete line of pool tile. Also view our Tile Info page to see which tiles are considered standard and which are upgrades. Please call our office for upgrade pricing.

Question: You are building (or reconstructing) my pool. How can I view coping and decking choices?

Answer: Visit for a complete listing of stone coping and decking materials. Please note that not all materials from Rolling Rock can be used as stone coping; a builder will advise you on this.

Question: Where can I view deck pavers and retaining walls?

Answer: Visit for a complete listing and ideas.

Question: Now that I am a pool owner, what type of maintenance is needed?


Sanitize, Shock, and Prevent Algae As Part of Your Plan

You need to do several things to maintain a beautiful pool. But it's not terribly time-consuming if you perform these tasks on a regular basis.

Sanitize the Water

Add Guardex stabilized chlorinating products to sanitize your pool water and kill bacteria 24 hours a day. Stabilized chlorinating products are protected from removal by sunlight and are a great way to keep your pool clean and clear. They’re available in a variety of convenient forms including sticks, tablets, and granules. Keep your free chlorine level at 1.0 to 3.0 ppm at all times.

Shock Regularly

Shocking is another important step because it removes undesirable compounds like suntan lotion, perspiration, make-up, body oil, and urine from the pool water. For super clear water, add Guardex Crystal Clear Multi-Shock once a week or as needed. More frequent shocking is needed after rain storms, heavy bather load, or exceptionally hot weather.

Prevent Algae

An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure when it comes to algae. Applying Guardex Algae Terminator or Algae Control once a week should eliminate outbreaks of these unwanted microscopic plants. Preventing algae before it starts is another great reason for regular maintenance.